To fast (tsuwm)

The Hebrew word tsuwm (pronounced tsoom) means to fast, or abstain from food.

  To express griefRepentanceTo ask God for helpDirection from GodEmpty religious performanceIndividualCorporate
Judges 20:26 Y     Y     Y
1 Samuel 7:6   Y         Y
1 Samuel 31:13 (1 Chronicles 10:12) Y           Y
2 Samuel 1:12 Y           Y
2 Samuel 12:16,21-23     Y     Y  
1 Kings 21:27 Y Y       Y  
Ezra 8:23     Y       Y
Nehemiah 1:4 Y Y Y     Y  
Esther 4:16     Y       Y
Isaiah 58:3-4   Y Y   Y Y  
Jeremiah 14:12   Y Y       Y
Zechariah 7:5 Y Y     Y   Y
Total 6 6 6 1 2 4 8

Judges 20:26 Then all the Israelites went up to Bethel and wept in the presence of the LORD and fasted until evening. They also brought burnt offerings and peace offerings to the LORD.

1 Samuel 7:6 So they gathered at Mizpah and, in a great ceremony, drew water from a well and poured it out before the LORD. They also went without food all day and confessed that they had sinned against the LORD. (It was at Mizpah that Samuel became Israel's judge.)

1 Samuel 31:13 Then they took their bones and buried them beneath the tamarisk tree at Jabesh, and they fasted for seven days.

2 Samuel 1:12 They mourned and wept and fasted all day for Saul and his son Jonathan, and for the LORD's army and the nation of Israel, because they had died by the sword that day.

2 Samuel 12:16 David begged God to spare the child. He went without food and lay all night on the bare ground.

2 Samuel 12:21-23 His advisers were amazed. "We don't understand you," they told him. "While the child was still living, you wept and refused to eat. But now that the child is dead, you have stopped your mourning and are eating again." David replied, "I fasted and wept while the child was alive, for I said, 'Perhaps the LORD will be gracious to me and let the child live.' But why should I fast when he is dead? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him one day, but he cannot return to me."

1 Kings 21:27 But when Ahab heard this message, he tore his clothing, dressed in burlap, and fasted. He even slept in burlap and went about in deep mourning.

Ezra 8:23 So we fasted and earnestly prayed that our God would take care of us, and he heard our prayer.

Nehemiah 1:4 When I heard this, I sat down and wept. In fact, for days I mourned, fasted, and prayed to the God of heaven.

Esther 4:16 "Go and gather together all the Jews of Susa and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. My maids and I will do the same. And then, though it is against the law, I will go in to see the king. If I must die, I must die."

Isaiah 58:3-4 'We have fasted before you!' they say. 'Why aren't you impressed? We have been very hard on ourselves, and you don't even notice it!' "I will tell you why!" I respond. "It's because you are fasting to please yourselves. Even while you fast, you keep oppressing your workers. What good is fasting when you keep on fighting and quarreling? This kind of fasting will never get you anywhere with me.

Jeremiah 14:12 When they fast, I will pay no attention. When they present their burnt offerings and grain offerings to me, I will not accept them. Instead, I will devour them with war, famine, and disease.

Zechariah 7:5 Say to all your people and your priests, 'During these seventy years of exile, when you fasted and mourned in the summer and in early autumn, was it really for me that you were fasting?'

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